Updation of Bank Accounts on FCRA website before 22 June 2017

FCRA Dept has now issued yet another notification yesterday (7th June 2017) ‎see link https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/PDF_Doc/fc_Circular_07062017.pdf ‎stating that all NGOs must ensure that their latest Designated and Utilisation ‎accounts should be updated on the FCRA website. ‎

They have also published names of 2025 NGOs who they consider need to ‎update these details. Time given is 15 days. Following details of the bank ‎accounts should be updated. Please visit the link ‎https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/PDF_Doc/fc_list_07062017.pdf for the list of ‎organizations need to update their bank account.‎
• Name of the Bank
• Branch Code
• Account No.‎
• IFSC Code, etc.‎

Details have to be filled up online through Form FC6.‎

It may be a good idea, that all NGOs should check whether they are on this list, ‎if yes, update immediately. Even if not, suggest that ask your Accounts Dept. to ‎verify if all the accounts are updated with all the required details. In case there ‎are any gaps, say some utilization account details have not been given, it is a ‎good opportunity to update the same. ‎

It seems the purpose of this is to enable Banks to provide feedback within 48 ‎hours to MHA on movement of funds in FCRA accounts. ‎
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)‎
‎512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, ‎
New Delhi – 110008‎

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9 Responses to Updation of Bank Accounts on FCRA website before 22 June 2017

  1. N.P.Jain says:

    My NGO Freinds of Handicapped India needs a guidance in uploading the documents after filling the form FC-6 online. What matter these two self certified documents should contain and where from these are to be obtained. Kindly guide ?

  2. N.P.Jain says:

    Dear Sir
    I am om Freinds of Handicapped India. Although our name is not in the list but I found some info regarding Receipt & Utilization wrong more over I wanted to add one more utilization bank in the list. Therefore I filled full info of both receipt and utilization banks again. Now for uploading it asking for “Self certified copies of letter from the existing bank and new bank regarding the change to be enclosed” and “Self Certified copy of Amendment approval by local/relevant authority to be enclosed”. Where from these documents are to be taken and what matter it should contain ? Pl guide.

    • Subhash Mittal says:

      Dear Mr Jain,
      Your query is not clear, when you say, ‘some info regarding Receipt & Utilisation worng’. Are you referring to Bank Accounts or Annual return. Please note there is no option to revise Annual Return, once filled up. However if it is relating to changes in the Bank Account then you should use FC6 option.

      Regarding your query what documents are to be attached, please note in case you have opened a Utilisation account, you will need to be obtain a letter from the Bank confirming that the Utilisation account has been opened for FCRA purposes. You can after self-certification attach the same with FC6.

  3. H R Easwaran says:

    Dear Sir

    I was trying to upload my new utilisation bank account in Form FC 6, for the documents to be uploaded it asks for” Self certified copy of amendment approval by local / relevant authority to be enclosed” .

    Who is the relevant authority to get the amendment approval

    Kindly help


    • Subhash Mittal says:

      Generally some document which can prove the autheenticity of updation is require. Suggest you can give one self-declaration from your chief functionary of NGO’s letterhead. You can also obtain a letter from the Bank, declaring that it is a FCRA Utilisation Bank Account. Scan copies of these documents can be uploaded.

  4. Dear Sir,
    My NGO known as Economic Development Trust ( economicdevelopmenttrust-aspl.com ) ; has been given FCRA by the Ministry ; but not earning any amount for the last couple of years. We do not have expertise in this area; lack good professionals to get and support the work. Please guide me what to up-date and why. If this instruction is valid for me; should I ignore this direction.

    • Subhash Mittal says:

      Yes, Dr Verma, in case you have FCRA bank accounts, check if these are properly reflected on FCRA website. If not, please update, otherwise you can ignore it.

  5. Raam Kumar says:

    The circular referred to above has not been linked correctly.
    The correct link is

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