Registration to Darpan portal is now Optional

Vide a public notice of 04th October 2017, FCRA department had made Darpan ID mandatory for all NGOs seeking any FCRA related services. Till now anyone to undertake any activity  on online portal of FCRA, including filing of Annual Return (FC4). Well several NGOs have ben facing problem in getting Darpan Id. Some principally felt that it was wrong to share personal details of Adhar of its Trustees on a public platform. Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) was one such entity, which went to High Court that after SC judgement, there was no need to share these details with Govt, since no personal benefit is being derived by RGCT. Delhi HC directed FCRA Dept to allow RGCT to file return manually. 

However since then, FCRA Dept has now reconsidered its stand of compulsory registration on Darpan id and vide a circular dt. 15th January 2019, it has been made optional. Circular can be accessed on following link:

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2 Responses to Registration to Darpan portal is now Optional

  1. Udayashankar says:

    Dear Friends,

    If the NGO did not give Aadhaar details of the Trustees / GB Members to the Registrar of Societies / Trusts and IT department, there is no need of Darpan.
    My point is different. Gandhiji said that his life was an open book. Why are we refusing Darpan!


  2. Thomas Mathews says:

    We do not have a Darpan id. and have just applied for the same.
    How does an NGO go about filing FC-4 for the first time?

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