Applicability of Service Tax on Conducting Workshops

Dear Members,

We are a section 25 company, having 80G and 12A exemptions, we have been asked by NACO to technically support and organize two workshops on given themes, and NACO had directed us to reimburse the amount with 10% organizational fee, please advise us can we charge service tax on this or we may be exempted from service tax.

Neeraj Kumar Sinha
Neeraj Kumar Sinha |Finance & Administrative Officer
H-5(Ground Floor), Green Park Extension | New Delhi, India 110016

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Latest news on FCRA Renewal

This is to bring to all SRRF Dialogue members attention that there is finally some movement on pending FCRA renewal applications.

Today SRRF received an intimation from senior FCRA official informing us that FCRA renewal process is likely to be initiated in Nov’2015. This is good news for all those waiting for some news on FCRA renewal.

However we still are not aware of the process to be followed. There are many questions in the mind of agencies who have applied for FCRA renewal, like whether it will be an online process, if so whether fresh applications would need to be filed. What would happen to all the hard work done in preparing the past applications, etc.

While welcoming the Dept’s initiative in intimating about future plan for renewal of FCRA applications, however we do request the Dept to provide further clarity on the process too.

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008

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FCRA Renewal

Dear All

We have registered Trust under FCRA since 1999. As per rule we have already apply for FCRA Renewal on 29 Apr 2015, but till date not receive any intimation or letter from FCRA division. My question is what we do for the same? I have mailed to FCRA division but not received any reply. Please suggest where we know the application status?

Sunil K Suryavanshi

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Service Tax on Donations

Dear Members,

I have another question on applicability of Service Tax

Some organisations create Chairs after the donors name eg. ICRIER has a chair called Infosys Chair for …..

Could you advise treatment of such donations ? Service tax ?

Wikky Katyal

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A society is registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 but is not registered under section 12 AA of the Income Tax Act and it carries out charitable objects.

Can it not claim basic exemption limit under Income Tax Act as an AOP? Is MMR Maximum Margional Rate applicable ? Further the shares of members have not been defined and members individual income is above basic exemption limit. Please advise.
With Thanks & Regards

CA Rajeev Sharma
B.Com. F.C.A.D.I.S.A.(ICA)
Lucknow 226 016

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Recent case law adjudicating on applicability of Service Tax to Non Profits

Recently, in the matter of Malabar Hill Citizens Forum Versus Commissioner – Central Excise, Mumbai, Mumbai CESTAT held that amounts collected for conducting Aerobics and Yoga classes would fall under Health & Fitness Services and accordingly would be chargeable to service tax. CESTAT has relied on the judgment given by same bench in the case of Osho International Foundation, Neo Sannyas Foundation Versus Commissioner of Central Excise, Pune, 2015 (6) TMI 441 – CESTAT MUMBAI, dt. 27th May, 2015.

In this case, Mumbai CESTAT referring the definition of Health & Fitness services has ruled out the plea of the appellant that they are a charitable institution. It has observed that an entity whether charitable or otherwise would be covered under the term ‘any establishment’ and thus, would fall under the taxable service category of Health & Fitness services.

Case Source: Central excise, Malabar Hill Citizens Form, Mumbai 2015 (9) TMI 789

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008

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Deregistration from PF

Dear all

we are a small Charitable trust registered at Jaipur in Rajasthan and having employees ranging between 18-25 depending upon the projects and availability of funds. We had PF and we were regularly complying all PF norms. Two years back we introduced our personal systems including a salary structure and also introduced gratuity. All of us know that in last year we years funding scenario has changed a lot and in this financial year 2015-16 our main funding from CSR has also shrunk significantly. Therefore the DST cost (Development Support Team cost) and OH costs also impacted as it was directly linked in percentage of programme funds. Now we discussed this issue with our staff and after discussion we arrived at consensus to maintain basic and pay only the take home as salary and stop PF deduction and submission of organisational contribution also.

All employees voluntarily gave their agreement to this decision in writing. Now we are wondering is it correct? what are the implications of it. Kindly give suggestions and advise pl.

Looking forward for your guidance
warm regards

Asif Zaidi

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Is advocacy permissible from FCRA funds?

We had the following queries

1. If our work is largely about advocacy , including legislative advocacy and PILS, is it advisable to take FC money
2. A staff paid by a project that is foreign aided can conduct research and file PIL using Indian money??
3. An organisation having FC and Indian money can file a PIL using Indian money without it adversely impacting FCRA registration??


Centre for Social Justice


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Precautions on Online Acceptance of Foreign Donation

Dear Dialogue Members,

We are a NGO (Pratham Books) works towards development and distribution of high quality children books in multiple Indian languages. We have an online platform to raise money “Donate a Book” ( As of now, we are accepting only Indian Donations and have linked our Non-FC (domestic) Account to it. But now, lot of foreign donors are showing interest in donating to our various campaigns. I have a few queries (from statutory point) on this:

  1. Can we link our FC Account and start accepting foreign donations through on-line.
  2. Is there any paper work required for the same
  3. Is there any specific guidelines under FCRA Act which needs to be followed while accepting foreign donations on-line.

Looking forward for your valuable response.

Pragya Thakur

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Service Tax on Security Services

As per the recent amendment in the service tax laws , service tax is to be deposited by the payer (person availing the services) for the security services (security guards). If the organisation is not registered under the service tax rules, what is the process of depositing the service tax, will the organisation be exempted or the organisation have to get itself registered with the authorities?


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