Some recent case laws on Charitable institutions…

Deemed provision under S.12AA is not automatic and would need to be followed with a writ

Recently Allahabad High Court (Full Bench) has ruled that non-disposal of an application for registration before the expiry of six months as provided u/s 12AA (2) would not result in deemed grant of registration.

Assessee would need to file a Writ to compel CIT to consider application. [CIT vs Muzaffar Nagar Development Authority [2015-ITRV-HC-ALL-144]].

Consistent surpluses without adequate expenditure could loose non-profit status of an entity

In another case, taking a hard view on super hospitals operating under charitable provisions, the Bombay High Court has held that an institution consistently generating surplus which is utilized to procure assets, spending meager amount on treatment of poor patients is not existing solely for charitable purpose.

Even if exemptions have been granted in past (in this case under S. 10(23C)(via) this cannot mean that it can continue in future too. [M/s Yash Society vs CCIT [2015-ITRV-HC-BOM-145]]

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FCRA fund for seminar.

Can i received FCRA fund from individual foreigner for training/seminar fees and deposit in FC Bank account


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Road Accidents and Capital punishment

Dear Friends,

Our Intellectuals are a strange lot. They never made enough noise, if any / at all, about thousands of deaths of pedestrians and others every year. They are worried about the rarest of rare capital punishments.

Capital punishment in rarest of rare cases is not for deterrence. It is just to punish the murderer / terrorist /rapist. Discussing the deterrent potential or otherwise of capital punishment is not correct.

Many Countries which have abolished capital punishment waged / supported many unjust wars. Some of them sell weapons of mass destruction !

It is enough if India provides world class pedestrian infrastructure and health care to prevent lakhs of deaths every year.


(click here for reference)

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Involvement of Government requirement/ Taxes in organizing event to raise fund

Could anyone guide us for government requirement and taxes involved in organising a musical event to raise fund.

Early response will be appreciated.


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Update Information within next 15 days to avail online Services of FCRA with ease

Dear SRRF Dialogue Member,
Greetings from SRRF!!!

FCRA Department has become quite active as we all know. Now it has asked all FCRA registered associations to provide various details online. Please go to the link following to access the registration screen and update details as requested. These details mainly cover address, chief functionary mobile, email id, designated bank account and utilization account details.

There is an option to review this data even after saving the information, but do not press submit button till you are sure. For Instructions click here.
Click here for related circular

MOST IMPORTANT : These details have to be provided within next 15 days.


Ramanuj Maurya
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
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e-mail:; website:

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Dear SRRF,

Can an american citizen with an OCI card, previously called PIO, be a member of the governing body, and be a signatory of a society having FCRA.


Freddy Martin
Associate Director
Asha Society
Ekta Vihar ,R.K.Puram,Sector 6.New Delhi-22

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Treatment of Excess Foreign Contribution

I would like to know the FCRA provisions with regard to refund of excess foreign contribution received after utilization for a specific project.


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Dear Sirs,

We are an organisation in MP working on healthcare. We have a donor which was not classified as a foreign company and as per the company’s directive we have been considering this money to be indian money.

We now have a confusion when while reviewing the New Companies Act wherein the subsidary company seems to become a foreign entity due to the shareholding pattern of holding company. Our donor is the subsidary company.

therfore the following are our queries

  1. are all the funds that we have received since 1/4/2014 classified as foreign donation under FCRA???
  2. if they are considered foreign donation and we have fcra but have not deposited this money in fcra account, what are the consequences?
  3. what is the corrective action that can be taken?



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Integrated Application for Registration, Prior Permission and Renewal

  1. One integrated form prepared for FCRA registration, Prior permission and Renewal. Till now one had to use different forms for each of these activities, FC3 for registration, FC4 for prior permission and FC5 for renewal, now an integrated form FC3 has been drafted.
  2. Now printed copy of form not to be submitted, instead applications need to be Digitally Signed just like as in Income Tax and Companies Act. All documents required to be submitted in hard copies would now be scanned and submitted alongwith these applications.
  3. Fee would need to be paid online through electronic gateway.

Declaration on web-site

  1. All NGOs granted registration / prior permission would need to post Audited FCRA Accounts would need to be posted on their websites.
  2. Any foreign contribution received would need to be displayed within 7 days of receipt on website.

Annual Return

  1. From now on even annual return (FC6 till now) will no longer need to be filed in printed copy and only Digitally Signed copy would need to be filed alongwith all supporting documents. Time limit still remains of 31st

Requirements from Bankers

  1. All bankers have to inform within 48 hours Central Govt. about receipt of any foreign contribution by any ‘person’ who receives such contribution but till date does not have registration / prior permission. In previous rules this was 30 days.
  2. Bankers are also required to inform within 48 hours the central govt. all remittances received by FCRA registered or having prior permission in their designated or utilization bank accounts.

Changes in Forms

  1. Earlier there were 10 forms (FC1-FC10), these have now been reduced to 7 (FC1-FC7). As mentioned above Form for Registration (FC3), Form for Prior Permission (FC4) and Form for Renewal (FC5) all have been merged in a new form FC3. Also earlier forms for articles (FC7) and securities (FC8) have been merged into one form FC5. Consequentially all other forms have been renumbered in sequential order.

Changes in these forms are highlighted as below:

FC1 (new Form No. FC1): Intimation of receipt of FC by way of gift from relative.

  • No change except details like e-mail, mobile nu., address etc. now sought.
  • Still to be submitted in a printed copy.
  • Normally to be submitted by an individual.

FC2 (new Form No. FC2): Prior permission for receiving hospitality

  • Normally to be submitted by persons covered under S. 3, (legislature, Govt employees, judges, etc.) who are likely to visit abroad and accept foreign hospitality
  • Certain changes made in the form but seem more a case of drafting error, as details of organisation, which will provide hospitality seem to have been left out.

FC3  – earlier only covered registration (new Form now covers registration / prior permission / renewal)

  • Very strange now the form requires details of facebook page and twitter handle of the chief functionary
  • Now alongwith details of Chief Functionary and executive members/ office bearers, details of Chief Patron are also requested.
  • In case any of the persons whose details have been provided is a foreign citizen, following additional details are requested:
    • Place of Birth
    • Passport No.
    • Permanent address in foreign country
    • If a person of Indian origin, then details of OIC/PIO card,
    • If resident in India, from when,
    • In case of above persons details of any positions held in any other NGO
    • Details also asked for organisations which have been granted prior permission / registration and are a unit / branch / associate of the organisation applying.
    • Has been prohibited under S. 10 or asked to obtain prior permission under S. 9(d).
    • Details of designated / utilization accounts being asked.
    • Q 13 asks for details of foreign sources both individuals as well as organisations from whom the foreign contribution is proposed to be received. Most likely this is applicable in case of prior permission where sources are known. However the Form does not mention that this information is not required in case of Registration cases.

FC4  – for annual return (earlier FC6)

  • Prior permission return earlier used to go manually, now this will have to go online.
  • Facebook page and twitter handle details of the chief functionary to be given here too.
  • Total number of employees to be disclosed – This could pose problem as many NGOs are not registered for PF & ESI
  • It is also asking donor wise details of foreign / local source. Rather perplexed, if a donor is a local source, then it should not appear in FCRA return in any case ?
  • Now project details are also required along with address of implementation. Now amount has to be given address-wise.
  • Details of administrative exps. asked for. Earlier no details were required.
  • Branch office details to be provided
  • Details of Designated as well as Utilisation Bank Accounts also required to be disclosed
  • Details of closing balance not asked for.
  • Now Chief Functionary has to declare that FC has not been used for (i) detrimental to national interest, (ii) not likely to affect prejudicially public interest, (iii) not likely to affect prejudicially security, strategic, scientific or economic interest of the State and any matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
  • Many changes in List of purposes to be discussed separately.

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place,
New Delhi – 110008

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Does CSR comes under RTI Act?

Dear Sir,

Good Morning.
Does CSR comes under RTI Act ?


Sanjay Kishore Vaishnav

Accounts Officer

Ambuja Cement Foundation
Opposite Railway Station,
Marwar Mundwa – 341026
District – Nagaur (Rajasthan)
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