A young innovative student designs sensor stick for visually challenged

17 year old Shantanu Gangwar was pained to see his blind friends bump into walls, furniture and other objects. This prompted the aspiring engineer from R K Puram to develop something that warns the visually impaired students about obstacles. Shantanu invented a smart walking stick, which is not only cost effective but is also easy to use. This marvelous invention has helped him to bag the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Invention Award for School Children 2010, from CSIR. The infrared sensors in the walking stick can detect objects within one-foot range. On detecting an obstacle, the sensor sends signals to a motor connected to it, which in turn vibrates, alerting the user. On the ‘Smart Stick’ project, Shatanu took help from his electronics teacher. The project took six months to complete and required an investment of only 800. Shantanu’s invention would prove to be great boon for the visually impaired students, if made on commercial scale. Let us hope some corporate with ‘vision’ will take up the commercial part of the project.

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4 Responses to A young innovative student designs sensor stick for visually challenged

  1. Reeva sood says:

    Hi may I get the adress of shantanu so that i can place order to buy few sensor sticks to donate for visually challenged.

    Reeva sood
    Indcare Trust

  2. Byomkesh Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Farah,

    A very interesting information. Innovative indeed and very cost effective. Let us hope that some one in the corporate sector takes up this initiative and help in commercial production of the aid for the blind people.


    Byomkesh Bhattacharjee.

  3. Indira Kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story – Is it possible to get the contact details of Shantanu Gangwar?


    • Dear Ms Indira Kumar,

      Thank you for appreciating Shantanu’s efforts and his keen desire to help the visually challenged. Shantanu is a student of Class XII, Delhi Public school- R K Puram. Hope this helps you to find out more information about this little genius.

      Farah Choudhury

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