82 year old helps save water bodies.

Most of us don’t take initiative on the pretext that a single man cannot make any significant impact to its environment or surroundings. Well, Ram Kishan, an octogenarian and a retired school teacher is an exception, who chose to travel 35 km to the Delhi High Court for a cause- conservation of four water bodies in Ranikhera, Kanjhawala, in North-West Delhi. Ram Kishan, through a relevant PIL, to the Chief Justice, came forth, without any personal interest to nurture a cause relating to the public and environment at large. Not only Kishan came to witness the proceedings, but also produced before the court some valid testimonials and documents pertaining to the water bodies. As a result, the bench asked the Delhi Government, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Delhi Development Authority to visit the area and ensure that the water bodies are preserved. All this became possible due to the relentless efforts of Ram Kishan, who tried to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the water bodies and further stating the significance of protecting the environment and maintaining the ecological balance. The directive passed by the Delhi High court was possible due to the efforts of Ram Kishan. He is an apt example that others must try to follow and emulate his efforts and conduct.

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2 Responses to 82 year old helps save water bodies.

  1. D.Derashri says:

    We praise the efforts of Ram Kishan. Could we get the copy of PIL filed by him along with the court order to assist us in framing a similar PIL for preserving waterbodies in our area.


  2. Pradeepta Nayak says:

    Ram Kishan really deserves kudos. In fact there are some people who have great passion for humanity, but they are alone. However they are not discouraged. Their determination is more than the sum of many people together. They believe that relentless, persistent effort will bring change; they know that it is quality that matters, not quantity.

    The above belief is the quality of great people. They are not necessarily rich, powerful and famous. They can be common people amongst us.


    Best regards
    Pradeepta Nayak
    Sampradaan Indian Centre for Philanthropy.

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