Query- Consumer Protection Act

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May I request you share your views under  Consumer protection act.

I had purchased a book( for medical exam  preparation) @1000 app  from retail book seller two months earlier. As per natural practice or trust on shop keeper we could not asked for invoice.  Book seller has only stamped on book for identification of his shop. After coming at home we found that there  is offer of  free book let of previous  ten  years questions with book which was not provided by the book seller. After contacting on mobile he told to come after one week . But he could not manage the book till date now he is telling that we  cant provide ,you should have asked at the time of purchase of book. is there any solution under consumer protection act.

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  1. Colombowala Zulkef says:

    You should first write to book publisher, if you have not approached so far. They may send you.

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