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I am from a Delhi registered organization “Saambhavi “. We also have 2 offices in Uttrakhand,  I just wanted to inquire are we not eligible to apply for a grant from Uttrakhand Govt. or  any other National / International funding agency for the projects we are running there. Do we need to get registered again on national level or is there any other way-out for a particular  extension of  only one other state.
Anju Pandey
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  1. Subhash Mittal says:

    Dear Ms Pandey,

    I think the question that you have raised is arising from recent series undertaken by SRRF on ‘Salient Features of Multi-State Societies registration Bill 2012’. If that is correct, please note that this is a proposed bill only, shared with SRRF members to enable them to comment on the same, so that if needed inputs can be given to the Govt. for making necessary changes. This way we in Voluntary sector can impact the changes in the legislation which will ultimately impact the Sector.

    To my knowledge at present there are no such restrictions that an NGO registered in one State cannot undertake projects in another state. This is a gap in the legislation, which the Govt. is trying to fill through the proposed legislation.

    Regarding receiving funds from international agencies, the usual FCRA conditions have to be complied with.

    With warm rgds

    Subhash Mittal

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