Latest requirements for LO/BO/PO

We share with you contents of a recent circular by RBI (link) , making reporting by Liaison Offices / Project Offices / Branch offices far more stringent.

As per the new requirements alongwith Activity Report an annexe needs to be filed providing following pertinent informations.

1. Complete details of all foreign nationals who visit the entity’s office.

2.  Details of Projects / Contracts / Collaborations worked upon or initiated during the year. (It is not clear if this covers only agreements that a Liaison Office signs with any Indian NGO or does it even cover contracts signed with suppliers of goods / services.)

3. Details of equipment imported

4. Details of supplies or services rendered to Govt. sector.

5. Details of places & states visited alongwith details of dates and accommodation used. (It is not clear who all are covered by this – is it head of the entity or is it all employees or is it all foreigners travelling on account of Liaison Office – this is not clear at all)

6. Details of contacts with Govt Depts / PSUs

7. Details of contacts with Civil Society Bodies/ Trusts / NGOs

We thank Mr Harish Bhutani of Water Aid for bringing the above to SRRF Dialogue’s notice.

With warm regards



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3 Responses to Latest requirements for LO/BO/PO

  1. neeraj gupta says:

    Dear, Sir/Mam

    I want to know , if this RBI link can be provided for knowing the notification in detail.

    Neeraj Gupta

  2. Farah says:

    Dear Mr. M. Lhungdim,

    The Circular is available on our website-, under downloads.


  3. Mangneo Lhungdim says:

    Dear Farah, is it possible to provide some details of this RBI circular, such as Circular no. & date or any link. This will help us to get clarification from RBI. Thanks
    M. Lhungdim,
    Guwahati, Assam

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