Sludge to run buses in an environmentally clean way

Ambitious as it may sound, but Delhi plans to run its buses on biogas produced from waste and dirty sludge. After CNG, the national capital is all set to run its public transport fleet on biogas!!!  Although, Delhi already boasts running the world’s largest fleet of vehicles on CNG, the latest endeavor would be great as it would be cost-effective and a win-win solution.

Presently one of the major problems is management of sludge coming out of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). While treating this sludge, Delhi Govt plans to produce bio-gas at Keshopura STP, which is of high quality and can be compared with CNG. The STP, functioning partially at present, can treat 72 million litres of wastewater per day. The bio-gas produced from sludge treatment would be used as a complementary fuel for running 120 CNG buses. This is a pilot project and subsequently, if successful, there will be expansion.

The technology for this process is being provided by Swedish government. This innovative step would be a great way to achieve energy conservation and it would further also reduce 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

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  1. byomkesh bhattacharjee says:

    It is indeed a remarkable project from the Delhi Govt. and we hope and pray for its success, even if delayed by madame Dixit’s election commitments, by a year or two.

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