Sarpanch to be the new face of rural Justice

In 2012 Bihar Govt issued instructions to the Police Dept. not to take up petty complaints, which are supposed to be taken up by Gram Panchayats as identified in the Bihar Panchayati Raj Act 2006.

A number of cases of thefts upto Rs 10,000, family disputes, criminal trespass and several others fall under the jurisdiction of Panchayats. Police stations have been instructed not to take up cases, which fall in the jurisdiction of Panchayats. Panchayat Orders will be completely legal. A Sarpanch can fine upto Rs 1000/-. These can be appealed against within 30 days before a full bench of Gram kachahari and later before the District Court.

It is hoped that petty matters can be resolved at local level at a faster pace and would also deter people approaching kangaroo courts held by Naxals in some areas. A Sarpanch, who does not enjoy any police protection, if faces any violence could approach any police station. The state govt. Has stated that any person hurting a sarpanch will face stringent action, with instructions to DSP/SP to immediately take up any such cases immediately.

While the reform is laudable for making legal system more accessible to the people, however seems to rely on the personal effort / goodwill of Sarpanch and hence success would need to be evaluated only after sometime.

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3 Responses to Sarpanch to be the new face of rural Justice

  1. Ganesh says:

    Dear friends,

    Though, good to talk about reformation of channel to ensure justice, empowerment, psycho-social development and welfare of rural part. However, the Sarpanch doesn\’t the right way to resolve kind of issues. In upper phase of advancement having with people whether in education or knowledge, living style etc. no one is going to accept this kind of Hitlarshahi.

    Requested all to keep mobilizing humanism and forward it to resolve by Government to apply right manners as in Urban part of India.

    As I feel is shared.

    Best wishes,


  2. Satyadeo Bareth says:

    Dear Friends,
    We must not fear from decentralization of power to Gram panchayat/ Sarpanch. The decentralization is the only way to empower people in a democracy. Let the problems come.we are competent enough to find solutions.

  3. Satish Bonthu says:

    Hi Group,

    Very innovative in delegating powers to people elected bodies at village/ Block/ district level.

    But what are the chances of misuse by the Sarpanch? who will oversee if sarpanch is adjudicating the cases on impartial basis.

    Still villages are run by feudal kind of mindset (like Haryana’s Khap) and caste based politics( Tamilnadu’s southern districts) will this kind of system give a free hand to find favoritism in cases.

    I share my living, for i have got what i want.
    Jai Hind.

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