Allocations have arisen considerably in last three years.

  • 2011-12 :             Rs 55,746 crores  (30% increase over previous year
  • 2010-11 :             Rs 42,926 crores  (64% increase)
  • 2009-10 :             Rs 26,169 crores

While since 2009-10 there has been an increment of almost 113%, achievements seem to confirm the ASER finding that focus of SSA has been on infrastructure development rather than on learning. Since 80% of overall allocations in 2011-12 have gone towards teachers and school infrastuture.

First of all the achievements:

  • Most States have met the access norm of a primary school within 1 km of a habitation.
  • 52% primary schools have the mandated pupil-teacher ratio of 30:1.

These are no mean achievements considering the size and the population-density diversity of the country.

Major challenges in terms of targets remain,

  • 60% schools in Odisha, Karnataka & Jharkhand do not have a functional toilet.
  • Obviously 48% schools still have not achieved the mandated teacher-pupil ratio.

As revealed in the latest ASER report, learning is a huge challenge and should be the focus for the Govt. Now that it is moving in achieving the infrastructure targets.

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