FCRA Registration of a Trust


What are the criteria for a trust to apply / get FCRA…please guide us….. ????

Your’s Sincerely

Ravi Bhushan
OMABM Foundation

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  1. Dear Ravi,

    In addition to what Soma Sastry has mentioned above, please ensure that your Trust is at least 3 years in existence and has spent more than Rs 10 lakh on programme activities during this period. Further please avoid placing any foreign citizens on the Board of Trust to facilitate FCRA registration.


    subhash mittal

    • Dear Subhashbhai,

      Is the bottom limit for prior permission application \"having spent Rs.10 lakh And 3 years of existence\" or \"Rs 10 lakh expense OR 3 years of existence?\" This could be a difficult situation for beginners.

      With regards,
      Nimitta Bhatt

      • B V Soma Sastry says:

        Dear Nimittaben,

        Greetings from Hyderabad!

        Kindly note that along with the application the details of last 3 years are sought viz. audit reports, annual reports, IT returns etc. Although the FCRA does not explicitly state that an organization can apply for FCRA registration only after 3 years of registration, but the inference is drawn based on the documents sought by MoHA along with the application. Therefore your point does make sense that it is difficult for the beginners.

        Alternatively, organizations can also go for prior permission in case of assured funding from any donor. In such case the organization will need a letter from the donor on such assured funding.

        Also on the point of Rs. 10 lakhs of program expense, this clause is not there in the Act as per my understanding. This is an unwritten rule in the department similar to the online filing of FC-6 returns.

        Dear Archana,

        The recommendation letter is not compulsory for FCRA registration.

        Thanks and regards,

        B V Soma Sastry

        • Sunil Kumar Suryavanshi says:

          Dear Soma Ji

          Kindly provide the details of enclosure documents and fees payable in which name and how many amount for FCRA Registration.

          With Regards

          Sunil Kumar Suryavanshi
          Manager Accounts
          Samarthan-Centre for Development Support
          36 Green Avenue, Chuna Bhatti, Kolar Road,
          Bhopal (MP) 462016

      • Dear Nimitta,

        There is no limit for Prior Permission, neither time-limit nor any financial expenditure limit. The Dept in case of prior permission theoretically only considers the worthiness of the project under consideration / as well as the antecedents of the donor.

        subhash mittal

    • Archana Bagra says:

      Thank you for your inputs. Could you please clarify whether the recommendation certificate from competent authority as mentioned on the last page of the form FC-3 is compulsary. Or would the FCRA registration still be given even though the recommendation certificate is not submitted alongwith the application


  2. B V Soma Sastry says:

    Dear Ravi Bhushan,

    Greetings from Hyderabad!

    For registration you have to follow the following process:
    1. Fill up form FC-3 (attached for your reference) online and submit the same to the FCRA division
    2. The hard copy of the form with all the relevant enclosures be sent to FCRA division within 30 days of the online filing
    3. Before filing the online details, the DD (Rs. 2000/-) should be kept ready since the details have to be mentioned in the form
    4. The other instructions are mentioned in the form itself

    I would request other to add upon if something is missed out.

    Thanks and regards,
    B V Soma Sastry
    Director – Finance and Admin
    Centre for World Solidarity
    12-13-438, Street No. 1, Tarnaka
    Secunderabad 500 017
    Andhra Pradesh

    • Vinay Kumar Arepally says:

      After online registration form with all the relevant enclosures be sent to FCRA division. Write file number in the posted cover ( which no. available in the online FCRA hard copy) which is helps for your application will be send directly to the FCRA division.
      With Best regards
      Vinay Kumar Arepally
      Executive Director

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