Reforming Public Distribution System

Presently there are number of attempts to reform Public Delivery system.

One such attempt is being made in Bihar to reform PDS. Further each PDS shop now has to transfer funds directly to the Bihar State Food Corporation’s account. Coupled with coupon system, whereby a consumer buys coupons separately and submits these to the PDS shops to receive the rations. PDS shop gets further supply of ration only against the coupons that are submitted. Thus if a dealer submitted less coupons he would get less replenishment. Also now PDS dealers cannot say that the supply has not been rec’d, since all supplies are done on a monthly basis within 10 days of receipt of funds. SDOs are supposed to verify the same. SDOs have been made accountable for any lapses / complaints against the PDS shops in their areas.

To augment number of PDS dealers, the state govt. has invited applications from the Cooperative Credit societies as well as voluntary groups.


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