Applicability of RTI to NGOs?

Respected sir

HELP is a NGO working in coastal AP. Recently we received a notice from one person under RTI Act 2005. He asking our about details of funds received from and spending details including each beneficiary name and address, Income tax returns from 1999. Secondly we are not receiving any single paisa from any govt agencies. now what we can do? he cant pay any cost of zerox exp.

We have doubt pl clarify .. that this Act applicable  to the NGOs or not?

We are awaiting for your kind response.


Ram mohan NVS
(Ram mohan NVS)
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6 Responses to Applicability of RTI to NGOs?

  1. Dear Mr. Ram Mohan NVS!!!
    Greetings from SRRF!!!

    This is referring to your appended mail regarding applicability of RTI on NGOs. You have already seen responses from the group members. An advisory series on this very relevant topic has been issued by SRRF. Please visit the link given below get access to the same.

    Thanks to Mr. Shekar, Mr. Colombowala Z. F., Mr. B V Soma Sastry & Mr. V. B. Chandrasekaran for their valuable responses to resolve the query. We hope your query has been resolved now.
    Thanks & Regards

    Ramanuj Maurya
    Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
    512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008

  2. COLOMBOWALA Z. F. says:

    As a NGO it is our duty to provide such information, when asked for. RTI may not be applicable.

  3. Gyanendra Mishra says:

    You your NGO has not received Rs. 10 Lakh in a year from government fund either central. state or district you are not coming in the purview of RTI

  4. B V Soma Sastry says:

    Dear All,

    Greetings from Hyderabad!

    I have limited understanding of the RTI Act. But I vividly remember that the organizations who receive substantial funding from the Government are under RTI. What is substantial is not defined? The only indirect benefit that the NGOs get is the tax exemption under 12A of the IT Act.

    I am of the opinion that provisions of RTI will not attract you.

    Thanks and regards,

    B V Soma Sastry

  5. V.B.Chandrasekaran says:

    Dear Ram Mohan, 29th March 2014

    Forget RTI. As a Public Society, We are bound to give all the information to public if they come to our office at reasonable time and take the details AT THEIR COST at mutually appointed time. Tell the person and relax. Make this a convention and publicise.
    Chatti Mahatma Gandhi Aashramam
    Chatti Post, Chinthur Mandal
    Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh
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  6. Shekar says:

    If your NGO has not received funds from State/Central Government, then you are not required to respond to RTI query since your NGO is not covered under RTI Act.

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