Road safety (study by SRRF)

Dear Friends,

This refers to the questionnaire under finalization.
Comments on quality and condition / maintenance of the pedestrian facilities are required.
A few questions for consideration:
1. Are the pedestrian signs on road sides / across the road divider/ road over-arches
a. Appropriately located
b. Only in Figure / Both in Figure and words / only words
c. Written in both English and Hindi
2. a. Zebra strips across the road and on both sides of the divider
b. Gap in the divider sufficient for pedestrians and with hurdle-pipes preventing
two wheelers to pass through
c. Old people / children / physically disabled people friendly?
3. a. Any special signage near Hospitals / schools / crossings / junctions
Timed signal lights for pedestrians (sufficient time for old / disabled?) / untimed signal lights for pedestrians
b. Special / additional road crossing facilities near Hospitals / schools
c. Adequate?
4. Pedestrian crossing facilities at / near Road crossings / junctions / Metro stations
5. Special pedestrian facilities – Foot over bridges / under the Road- sub way
6. Footpath
a. on one side / both sides
b. Width- Sufficient?
c. Encroachments / obstructions: Fencing for gardening by road side house owners / Car parking/
occupied by vendors / Any other temporary / semi-permanent usage
d. Manholes with lid /without lid / Trees / Electric/Telephone/cable tv poles / Junction boxes / Trees
e. Permanent special pavement for own use by House owners / private entrepreneurs
f. Urination / foul smell
g. Is the footpath paved properly? Skid resistant?
h. Any other
7. Traffic police guide pedestrians signaling traffic to halt
8. Special lanes for cyclists? If yes, any violations by non-cyclists?
9. Approaches to Bus Stops/stations / Metro: Special road markings/signals (convenient and adequate?) and pedestrian behavior.
10. Near markets and Malls- Pedestrian facilities?
11. Drainage problems including overflow of effluents( Season wise) necessitating pedestrians to get on to the Roads.
12 Air pollution
Pedestrians ‘ perceptions of Vehicular pollution and their responses / behavior/involuntary responses
– to vehicles polluting Air
– foul smell emanating from road / foot path side over-flowing waste bins
13. Accidental events the pedestrians witnessed – very brief description and causative factors.
What could have prevented the accidents they witnessed?


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