Less activism, more research

www.thehindu.com · Since all NGOs are required to be registered within the same set of laws, legally and in public perception, think tanks and the more activist NGOs are often perceived to be the same

The geneis of present so-called NGO is Voluntary Organisation. These were organisations with people driven by extreme Marxists to Gandhian philosophies besides religious motivations that includes conversion. Till seventies, they were driven by patriotism also. They held certain ideal values, at least those who initiated and are leading them, lived with grass root issues and found humanitarian, development and change oriented responses. Think tanks born out of these experiences upheld similar values. But, these present think tank NGOs- most of them have lost their foot on the ground and function with corporate style, luxury and do not anymore represent the ground reality in many cases. All said and done, with all appreciation of their good work, the reality is the goings in NGOs are not comfortable and they have become corrupt. Instead of making hue and cry, there is a need for reflection among these NGOs And some of them out of guilt persist to call themselves as Voluntary.


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