What is return form for Assets purchased from FCRA fund

What is the return form ( FC-6 or FC-7 ) for Fixed assets purchased from FCRA  fund ? What is the last date to file the FCRA annual return and Fixed assets return.
Ashok Mishra
SNS Foundation
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  1. S P Gupta says:

    A little bit of clarity is furthermore required. If an organisation receives FC funds and also assets as ‘in kind’ donations then FC-6 as well as FC-7 both are to be filed, please clear.
    SP Gupta

    • Subhash Mittal says:

      If you refer to Rule 17 (3), it says that ‘if the Foreign Contribution is only relating to articles, the intimation shall be submitted in Form-FC7’.

      In view of the same fair assumption is that in case of both also only Form FC-6 is to be used and FC-7 only when articles are rec’d.

  2. Subhash Mittal says:

    There is no specific requirement to report fixed assets acquired from FC funds. These are to be reported as part of normal Utilisation in your return, i.e. these will be included in any of the 56 rows identifying different activities in Form FC6.

    Somehow I feel you have mistook reporting of donations received ‘in kind’ with assets acquired from FCRA funds. In case an organisation receives both ‘in kind’ donations along with the FCRA funds, these can be reported in FC6, in relevant columns.

    In case an organisation only receives ‘in kind’ donations under FCRA, the same would be reported under FC-7.

    Hope the above clarifies your query.

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