NGOs found receiving Foreign Contribution without FCRA permission banned

MHA has blocked funding of 4 more organisations in India after Greenpeace. These are Avaaz, Bank Information Centre, and Sierra Club. These organisations neither had prior permission nor registration. Infact some of these NGOs even received funds in the personal accounts of their employees.

MHA has now asked RBI to stop all their fundings.

All of us are aware that no NGO should receive funds without necessary permission from FCRA. Such organisations only bring bad name to the NGO sector and bringing in disrepute the name of a large number of NGOs who go through the rigours of complying with difficult FCRA norms.

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008

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One Response to NGOs found receiving Foreign Contribution without FCRA permission banned

  1. V.B.Chandrasekaran says:

    The real bad name is already these in the larger society, the community and among officials because we are depending upon Foreign Funding and living very very comfortable lives calling ourselves as NGOs though by Registration we are a Public Society and Voluntary Organisation. We are also organising People with funds we receive from outside. We have somewhere deviated the path of Volunteerism thereby lost our Moral high.
    We spend more time on lobbying with Government seeking concessions and liberal laws. We have missed our path of peoples’ positive assertion.
    Let us ask ourselves as to how many organisations will not shut their work if funds stop?
    The error is an error of the government whose objective is only to terrorise the overall sector not to question government— but not real objective one of legality. Is our MHA so inefficient that they did not notice these all these years. MHA has kept these errors in reserve to hit at a chosen time of convenience. So many corrupt people even after months and over a year of imprisonment are going round with very good name and fame.
    Let us introspect. Will SRRF organise a small conclave and/or large meet. Let us speak it out and set our values in order. These errors will not come in the way. Even if it, we can be real brave moral warriors.

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