Ten FC Donors Under Prior Permission

For quite some time, Indian banks have been asked by RBI to refer some international remittances to FCRA Wing. The RBI has now issued a general circular on this. Remittances from following donors are subject to prior-approval from Ministry of Home Affairs:

  1. Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)
  2. Danish Institute of Human Rights (DIHR)
  3. Catholic Organization for [Relief] and Development Aid (CORDAID)
  4. Dan Church Aid (DCA)
  5. Mercy Corps, USA
  6. Inter Church Peace Council _ Pax Christi (IKV- PC) , Netherlands
  7. HIVOS, Netherlands
  8. ICCO Stretegische Samenwerking (ICCO), Netherlands
  9. Green Peace International
  10. Climate Work Foundation (CWF), US

If you are receiving funds from one of these donors, be prepared for long delays in credit of the funds to your accounts.

Ref: RBI/2014-15/408 DCBR.BPD (PCB/RCB) Cir.No.13/14.01.062/2014-15 dated January 15, 2015; Available at http://www.srr-foundation.org/circulars/RBI-Circular-16012015.pdf

Source: AccountAid

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