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Dear Network members,

We are an NGO working in the fields of sustainable energy, agriculture and waste management. A boy of 16 years from Korea is showing interest to come to India for a two months internship at our organisation. The question is whether can we take minors as interns?

Vidya Sagar Devabhaktuni
President, SKG Sangha
#532, 2nd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar,
KOLAR – 563 101
Karnataka State, INDIA

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6 Responses to Foreign Interns

  1. Anil says:


    thanks for highlighting the issue, but could you also provide the source of information that interns must be paid not less than USD 25000.


  2. Subhash Mittal says:

    Kindly note the last line of the above response should read ‘Total remuneration of such person must not BE LESS THAN USD 25000 in a year.

    I thank Maja Daruwala for pointing out the error.

  3. maja Daruwala says:


    I am not sure this is correct. I was given to understand that the $25000 is the minimum that must be paid not the maximum. Can you clarify pl. MD

  4. Subhash Mittal says:

    This is a complicated subject, hence my fist advise would be take specific help from experts. Overall following issues you should watch out before taking a final call. An intern will be treated as an employee (even if s/he is for short term) and not an apprentice, unless coming under Apprenticeship Act.

    As far as I know, Delhi and Rajasthan have laws prohibiting employment of persons below 18 years. In other states, persons above 14 may be employed, but for limited time and not in hazardous industries. Check concerned state’s legislation in this regard.

    Further foreign persons cannot work in India without having necessary visa permitting working in India. Normally it is an E-visa. Even person coming to India for volunteering needs to obtain E-visa. Name of the NGO would be specified while s/he volunteers in India. Total remuneration of such person must not exceed USD 25,000 in a year.

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