Filing of FCRA Return After Due Date

As several active SRRF Dialogue members would be aware that Dept has ‎been asking organizations who have not filed online return for FY 2014-15 ‎or FY 2015-16 to do so immediately. However problem is that there was no ‎window open on the FCRA Online portal to file these returns. Now the Dept ‎realizing the problem, has now come up with a window through which ‎organization can file their FCRA returns for previous periods. ‎

To do this, access FCRA Online services on following link by giving your ‎user name & password. A list of organizations which have not filed returns ‎alongwith the year/s will appear. You will need to calculate penalty amount, ‎for which even penalty calculator is given. ‎‎

After penalties as calculated are paid online you can file your returns online. ‎

Be warned that there seem to be plenty of bugs in this and when you sit you ‎on this, get a nice hot cup of coffee and lots of patience. ‎
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