Updation FCRA information on website

We were happy to come across your site giving helpful clarifications to various queries. The service you are thus providing is really appreciable. Thank you very much.
In a clarification dated Feb 6, 2016, there was a mention that for NGOs not having their own websites, the FCRA department would soon be finalising a link. Could you please confirm if there is any progress in this regard.
Thanks once again.
Raju Kurian
MG Charitable Society
Kochi – 683503
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2 Responses to Updation FCRA information on website

  1. Raju Kurian says:

    Thank you very much. We really appreciate your prompt response.

    Raju Kurian

  2. Dear Mr. Kurian,

    Please visit the following link to submit your quarterly receipt of FC Fund https://fcraonline.nic.in/fc_public_login.aspx?Resp_Id=8.

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