Darpan Registration – What if Trustees refuse Aadhar?‎

Dear Sir,

We have registered trust and national level managing body, we want change our trust committee,we
have 14 members and 05 members are not giving their PAN and ADHAR CARD but this is necessary for ngo
darpan,registrar is telling for registered new trust,he will not change our trust committee,please guide
us.what we should do?

Udit Narayan Shukla

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5 Responses to Darpan Registration – What if Trustees refuse Aadhar?‎

  1. Dear Sir,
    We have registered our Organization more than 3 months back having giving the Aadhaar ? PAN cards.
    Most of the time the line of Niti Ayog were dead and lastly we could complete on line registration but till date we are not getting our ID from Niti Ayoga.Please let us know what to do.

  2. Robert Franklin says:

    Dear Sir,

    There is no harm in obtaining AADHAR CARD for the purpose of submitting to NITI AYOG.

    Existence of NGO has to be in compliance with Government Regulations.

    Hence there should not be any excuse what so ever in submitting needed documents as and when directed by Government of India.

    All these procedures calls for only transparency.



  3. Subhash Mittal says:

    It may be noted that for Darpan Registration only 3 trustees / Board members need to be registered on Darpan website. All trustees / Board members do not need to disclose Adhar / PAN etc.

  4. George Pulikuthiyil says:

    Dear Sukla,

    Now this is a common problem.

    The same problem has emerged in my organization too.
    There are 3 members who do not have Aadhar Number, who do not want to apply for it. Personally I too join them in my position, but being head of a NGO, things are different.
    In India, all registered NGOs need to register under Neeti Ayog, it is mandatory for our existence.
    The application for registration of Neeti Ayog has to be completed online and should be submitted online.
    There is no space for a dialogue, we can not wait for the final judgment of the Supreme court.

    Therefore i discussed with the members of the Board of Directors and resolved to request those three directors to withdraw themselves and to propose another three members who have Aadhar to be inducted.

    Yours is a Trust, it may not be that easy.
    But you need to apprise them on the gravity of the matter and the Trust has to resolve it.
    George Pulikuthiyil

  5. Narendera K Gupta says:

    there should b no harm . trustees should give.

    I have given to the ngo, and a professional body where i am an executive committee e member

    Narendera K Gupta
    assistant secretary public relations and invited member since 1978
    handicapped welfare federation
    member-pan india forum
    indian soiciety for training and development

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