Defining Poor

The Government proposes to combine caste survey with survey to identify poor in the country (Below Poverty Line). The survey which has already being undertaken in Tripura is likely to gather momentum as other states start the process. The survey is to be completed by spring of next year.

The survey which is moving away from the earlier proposed calorie intake criteria to more transparent criteria like any family with motorized vehicle even a two-wheeler, refrigerator, a landline phone, 2.5 acres of irrigated land would be excluded from the definition of poor. Households without shelter would be automatically included in the definition of poor. Others would be given scores according to the deprivations, for example in urban areas, non-accessibility to basic services like drinking water, electricity, sanitation, etc. would decide inclusion into the BPL list. Other criteria to be considered include food availability, clothing, footwear, use of durables, access to education and institutional health.

Rural Development Ministry will be the nodal agency for undertaking the survey in rural areas, while Urban Ministry (Dept of Poverty Alleviation) would be responsible for survey in the urban areas.


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