Can Prior Permission money come in installments or it has to come at one go?‎


We are a registered public charitable trust based at vadodara, Gujarat. We are established with a purpose of financing education of economically backward children who wish to study. We have already sponsored college education of 3 girl child to start with.

I was going through your website and found discussion forum on various issues. I need one of my query addressed by your panel experts. Can you please put forth the query and request the expert to reply pls.

Q – we wish to mobilise some funds from abroad, for which we need prior permission under the FCRA since we are a new organisation. Prior permission is given for a specific contribution, for specific purpose and specific amount. So my query is that if for a particular project I have estimated an expense of say about Rs. 5 lacs which someone from the US is willing to donate. Can that money come in instalments or it has to come at one go??? Can this donor collect the said fund from various different individuals who are also US citizens willing to donate; create a pool and then donate it to us???

Awaiting for your kind reply.


Minal Shah
Gyandeep Foundation

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3 Responses to Can Prior Permission money come in installments or it has to come at one go?‎

  1. LIFE says:

    There is no restriction like that. Prior permission should be obtained for the full expected amount. While reporting, this should be reported to the ministry as from whom the amount is received and respective approval letter Number and date. Initially we have received amounts like this.


  2. Subhash Mittal says:

    Hello Minal,

    First of all you can apply for a Prior Permission, to the extent donor intends to give. You will need a written commitment from donor and this would need to be submitted with your prior permission application. You can receive the funds as per donor / your convenience, there is no limit on instalments, but funds must not exceed prior permission amount. Pl make sure no funds are be rec’d before receiving prior permission.

    Regarding different donors that is not possible, since you would need to submit donor letter with prior permission. Generally FCRA Dept only considers one donor letter per prior permission, but law no where says, you cannot attach two donor letters in one application.

  3. B V Soma Sastry says:

    Dear Minal,

    There are 2 prerequisites for prior permission as compared to regular registration:
    1. A letter on intent on the quantum of funding should be submitted along with the application
    2. The period for which the fund is received is defined beforehand.
    3. There is no ceiling on the number of installments.

    Thanks and regards,

    B V Soma Sastry

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