Final push to wipe out Polio from India

With no polio cases in more than seven months, it would be easy for India to become complacent. However, the Government of India is determined more to give a final push to ensure that polio is eradicated from India.

Inching closer to polio eradication with the lowest-ever number of 42 polio cases recorded in 2010, more than 90 % reduction from 741 polio cases in 2009. This year, only one polio case has been reported from West Bengal, according to health officials.

The focused and collaborative efforts of the Indian Government, the spearheading partners and community organizations have continued to act quickly to identify high-risk groups and devise strategies to address each. One such group consists of migrant workers traveling to and from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar becomes difficult to track them.

Another main challenge in front of our government and health officials is the increasing number of refusals from families to immunize their children. According to Municipal Corporation, Medical Officer in Malegaon 1,020 families refused to vaccinate their children in the month of Feb, 2011 which was 966 in Jan. In December last year 947 Muslim families refused for the pulse polio dose.


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