Census 2011- Improvement in Sex Ratio

The good news of marginal improvement of 0.75% in the sex ratio from 933 (in 2001) to 940 (in 2011) is marred with the unpleasant news of severe decline in the child sex ratio.

However first the good news and that is there are more women in the Indian population than earlier. The best states which have helped this good news are the urban states/UTs, i.e. NCT and Chandigarh have improved their sex ratio by more than 5% over 2001. Considering urban dwellings have been leading the decline in sex ratio, this is good news. Even states like Punjab & Haryana which are notorious in disregard to Gender equality have improved their sex ratios even if marginally. States at the bottom of the pile are J&K, Bihar & Gujarat and some smaller UTs.

On declining Child Sex ratio to follow in the next post.

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2 Responses to Census 2011- Improvement in Sex Ratio

  1. Breanne says:

    Wonderful information and facts! I have been previously seeking something such as this for quite a while now. Thank you!

  2. Ashok Kumar says:

    Dear Subhash ji and SRRF team,

    So nice of you for updating us with relevant data, information and the development sector.
    I want to share my concern over the shocking figureof the child sex ratio in the age group
    of 0-6 is just F-914/M-1000 – census -2011.While the last census witnessed 927/1000.
    Are we moving gradually towards INDIA- A LAND WITHOUT WOMAN.
    Ashok Kumar
    Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust

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