Dealing with Solid Waste

A new Power Plant, using Private Public Partnership model, is being set up in Okhla in New Delhi which will generate power from solid waste. Once completed, the plant will produce 16 MW of electricity, enough to serve six lakh homes, from about 2,050 tonnes of solid waste, which is 25 % of the waste generated in Delhi every day.

This is a new initiative, which will not only provide additional electricity to Delhites, but also deal with a large amount of waste. Presently NCT produces around 7000 tonnes of solid waste every day, which if not managed has a potential to rise to 17000 to 21000 MT per day.

The solid waste is the new problem that the society has to deal with, it not only costs lost of money in disposal but also creates filth and squalor. Huge piles of solid waste all over Delhi chokes drains and makes city unhygienic. It transmits diseases. Let us not forget clean cities attract not just people but also investments.


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