Men still shy away from sterilisation

Family Welfare Department of the Delhi Government’s recent disclosure indicates a sharp decline in the number of men opting to go in for sterilization (vasectomy). As per the numbers provided for period 9 month period Apri-Dec’2010 only 1930 men have opted for the procedure compared to almost 9000 women opting for sterilization (tubectomy). While traditionally also lower number of men have generally opted for sterilization, compared to women (FY 2009-10: 4323 men against 17,102 women), however there is a discernible trend of lower number of persons now opting for this.

This is inspite of the fact that vasectomy (No Scalpel Vasectomy) does not involve surgery, hence has far less risks of infection and post-operative care (men can walk within a few minutes of the procedure) compared to tubectomy. Further men are given a monetary incentive of Rs 1300 (1100 for operation and 200 for motivation) compared to Rs 450/- in case of women.

Despite these incentives drop in men sterilization indicates far deeper social and psychological reasons, which is what perhaps needs to be considered by the government while framing these schemes in future.

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