UNFPA for strengthening TBA

UNFPA has recognized that Midwifery plays a critical role in improving maternal and newborn survival health. The report indicates that India has 324,624 mid-wives, considering there are around almost 27 million births per year, it works out that there are around 83 births per mid-wife. Thus there is a need to improve the capacities in this area.

Considering presently NRHM focuses on institutional delivery rather than skill building of the TBAs (Traditional mid-wives), the concerned authorities need to ask them can they really provide institutional delivery to the entire population and if they should not work on a number of strategies including building capacities of TBAs. Incidents have come in press, where patients have to run from one PHC to another in search of proper facilities.

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One Response to UNFPA for strengthening TBA

  1. Satyadeo Bareth says:

    Dear friends,
    There is a proverb : ‘DER AAYE DURUST AAYE’. This wisdom, though late, has fallen on UNFPA and it has realized the importance of building TBA’s capacities, especially in remote areas. This is a sound strategy for reducing MMR & IMR.

    For this indigenous & pragmatic approach I congratulate UNFPA.

    Satyadeo Bareth

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