Query: Funds transfer from FCRA accounts.

We are sec 25 and 12 A registered and have FCRA certificate. We have been given a grant to manage the Project in partnership with the donor. There would be 10 NGO’s from sector and 20 employees of the donor. Project objective is to provide the 10 NGOs with passionate and skilled workers ( 20 employees) offering a new skill set and a fresh perspective on their resources. Provide NGOs with necessary experience to deliver an identified project. And provide those 20 employees with the opportunity to utilize their interests and skill sets to make a difference and enable the employees to engage with the voluntary sector through direct participation making a positive contribution.

For this we have received money in our FCRA account towards provision of accommodation and food for their 20 employees and towards the costs and expenses for us in relation to the responsibilities for the related work. This includes the specific costs and expenses that are necessary for the successful execution of the Project: like transport, training cost, photography etc.

Now my query is…

Should we account the total money received as grant or advance against reimbursements…

How to pay money to those NGO who do not have FCRA

How to pay money to those NGO who do not have 501C3

How to pay money to those 20 employees

Should it be paid through local account and what support should be asked for

Will TDS come into picture.



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