Skipping FOBs & subways, city prefer surface crossings

Public Works Department (PWD) conducted a survey, which shows that a large number of people prefer crossing the road on the surface rather than walking a extra paces to use a pedestrian bridge. Though constructing bridges with escalators and erecting tall iron railings on central verge of roads has helped to an extent, given a choice people avoid getting up and down a bridge.

Though Delhi has almost 100 pedestrian overbridges and subways, it witnesses a large number of pedestrian deaths every year. In 2010, 960 pedestrians were killed. The number came down marginally to 946 in 2011.

Despite civic agencies investing crores of rupees every year on subways and overbridges, Delhi’s roads continue to be a death trap for pedestrians. Encroachment of footpaths, faulty placement of pedestrian facilities and unscientifically built zebra crossing are reasons that make a pedestrian’s life difficult.

Source: Hindustan Times, Feb 24th ’2012

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