Going to School, does not necessarily mean learning

All over India, nearly 97 % of all children between 6 and 14 years old are enrolled in some form of primary school. According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, 70 % of all children not enrolled are in the states of UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

Only 4.3% of girls between 11 & 14 years in Bihar are now out of Schools and in Rajasthan the figure is now down to 9%

However what is really sad but not surprising is that reading levels have declined in many states, especially in North India.

  • Half the number of children in class V are unable to read a class II level textbook
  • And in all states except Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, basic arithmetic levels  have declined

There is a need to understand that the retraining of teachers in Government as well as public schools is of utmost importance if we have to establish ourselves as a knowledge economy.

* Source:http://currentnews.in/?p=22533

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