VAT Applicability for charities

Dear SRRF Members,

Can you please let me know whether there is any exemption available for registered charities on VAT payment? In some cases when we purchase equipment we are charged VAT. Can we tell the sellers not to charge tax if there is exemption if any on VAT for charities?

Your opinion will help us a lot.

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T. V. Balasubramanian
Regional Finance Manager

Sightsavers (India)
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One Response to VAT Applicability for charities

  1. Sriraman says:

    Dear Balasubramanian

    There is no exemption available for not-for-profit entities and registered charties from VAT. There are some exemptions applicable for “research organizations” on the customs duty. For this purpose your organization has to fit into the criteria of being a research organisation as per DSIR guidelines and seek DSIR registration. After DSIR registration you need to make an application seeking customs duty exemption from the concerned department.

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