Rumble Strips : Do they help Pedestrian safety?

Most members would be aware that SRRF Dialogue has been working continuously on Pedestrian Safety, considering large number of death and suffering being caused due to traffic accidents and further that almost every second person being killed in road accidents is a pedestrian and the problem is escalating due to growing urbanization.

In view of such serious situation, the authorities are making efforts for improving the Pedestrian safety infrastructure, particularly for crossing wide roads which have fast moving traffic. Lately, it has been observed that PWD has put up rumble strips (4-5 mini speed breakers in a continuous row) on various places on experimental basis. Though rumble strips have been put up to help people cross road, it rather appears to be unscientific as these only allow slowing down of vehicles. It still does not help elderly, disable and children, who need more time to cross. It is also a hazard for fast moving vehicles, particularly two wheelers.

Traffic lights seems a better option, as it brings the traffic to complete halt and thus it provides time for pedestrians to cross the roads with dignity and peace of mind. Further even vehicles need to stop only during the red light.

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