Filing of FCRA return

Dear Friends,

Kindly let me know the frequency of filing FCRA return and oblige.

Thanks and Regards

Ashish Kumar Saxena
Akash Memorial Charitable Trust

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6 Responses to Filing of FCRA return

  1. Nirmala says:

    Dear Ashish,
    Only once an year you should file the annual return after the audit. After filing e returns copy has to be send to MHA with in a month


  2. Naveen Sethia says:

    FCRA Annual Return to be filled in FC-6 latest by 31st December.

    Naveen Sethia

  3. Bhamidipati Soma Sastry says:

    It is annual returns. The returns shuold be filed before 31st december for the previous year.

    B V Soma Sastry

  4. Madhwaraj B.S. says:

    Dear Friends,

    The FCRA Return should be filed every year by Dec 31st.

    Madhwaraj B.S.
    Section Co-ordinator – Finance & Accounts
    CDD Society,
    Bangalore – 560060.

  5. Valan Caritas says:

    Dear Sir,


    Thanks for your mail.

    FCRA filing only once in the year.The last date of filing retn. is 31.12.(31st December ) for the every closure of the F.Y.
    Eg. The F.Y 2011-12 ,the last date filing of FCRA is 31.12.2012.


  6. Sriraman Pk says:

    Dear Ashish

    FCRA return has to be filed once a year. The due date for filing of the return is within 9 months from the close of financial year. As the FY ends on 31-Mar, the due date for filing is 31-Dec. The return is to be filed online in the FCRA website. After filing online return, you need to take a print-out of the return, which will have to be signed by the chief functionary and this should be posted as hard copy, as per details you will find in the print-out.

    Hope you find this information useful.

    Best regards.


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