FCRA Registration Validity extended to 31st October 2016

We are happy to inform everyone that an official Notification dated 29th March 2016 has been brought out by FCRA Dept announcing

  • Validity of all FCRA Registration certificates expiring before 30th September 2016 extended to 31st Oct 2016.
  • Renewal Application date extended to 30th June 2016.

The above means that all persons who apply for renewal before 30th June 2016 would remain valid till 31st October 2016 unless further renewed or rejected by the Dept. before that date.

Any person who does not apply for renewal and whose FCRA certificate is valid, FCRA registration date will expire on 31st October 2016.

Hope this will relieve a lot of anxieties amongst FCRA bodies, who were getting worried that renewal will expire on 30th April 2016….(click here for more details)

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
e-mail: socio-research@sma.net.in; website: http://www.srr-foundation.org

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Feedback Report of Workshop – Responsible CSO Boards of the Future

Feedback Report of Workshop
Responsible CSO Boards of the Future
[Saturday, 19th March 2016, India International Centre (Annexe), New Delhi – 110003]

Dear Friends with a special Hello to all the Participants who attended the workshop.

We thank all the participants who attended the workshop which was one of the most interactive workshop organized by SRRF so far. Credit for this goes to all the participants, who engaged the faculty and remained focused throughout the day. Through this communication we share your feedback and other details that we promised during the workshop.

The Feedback forms have been compiled and collated. There were 29 participants, 72% of whom have given their feedback. Feedback required scoring for each session as well as for overall workshop. The feedback gives score of 92% for the overall workshop. A chart of session-wise results is given below.


Following suggestions are given by the participants:

  • Should improve Panel Discussions.
  • Include few more case studies.
  • More interaction on basics.
  • Little more space for participation of participants would have made them more interactive.
  • Corporate could also be involved in some discussions.
  • Small water bottle in the lecture room should be served for every participant.
  • To organize some more workshop covering several other topics like Accounting for NGO’s, Changes and updates related to statutory compliance , Taxation,  CSR .

(Note: SRRF has been regularly organizing training programmes in these areas since the year 2010.)

We will try to consider all your suggestions to further improve.

We have also uploaded the presentations of the workshop at our website including snaps. Please visit SRRF website to get access to the same.  http://www.srr-foundation.org

We have also uploaded the snaps of the participants on SRRF facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/srr.foundation/.

Once again I thank you on behalf of SRRF, on being a part of a wonderful and learning workshop on ‘Responsible CSO Boards of the Future’.

With warm regards

Ramanuj Maurya
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
e-mail: socio-research@sma.net.in; website: http://www.srr-foundation.org

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Step for Accumulation of Income

Dear Friends,

Can you please with a small information.

We have received a donation from a well wisher which was transferred to our FC account on March 10, 2016.

We are finding it difficult to spend 85% of the find within March 31, 2016.

Please suggest.

Warm regards,
Snigdha Sarkar

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Quarterly disclosure for organizations not having their own websites

As mentioned in an earlier post http://blog.srr-foundation.org/?p=2801 , all FCRA registered / prior-permission entities have to disclose FCRA funds received on their official websites. However in case of organisations which do not maintain any official website, FCRA Dep. has now come to their rescue by asking them to file quarterly returns on FCRA website.

This is how it works. An NGO wanting to post its quarterly details of FCRA funds rec’d should log on to online website of FCRA Dept. https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/index.aspx . Using its user id and password, organizations can post the quarterly return on FCRA website within 15 days of the quarter end.

Information to be posted consist of following:

  • Name of the donor
  • Type of Donor, i.e. individual or insttitutional,
  • Address of the Donor
  • Purpose (select out of options like economical, social, cultural, religious, etc)
  • Amount of grant received

The above is for your information and necessary action.


Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
e-mail: socio-research@sma.net.in

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Indian Companies with foreign shareholding now exempted from FCRA

Current Budget proposals have made changes in FCRA Act.

As per the existing definition of a foreign source, an Indian registered company which has more than 50% shareholding held by foreign sources is to be regarded as ‘foreign source’. However as per the new proposals, as long as the shareholding is within the FDI norms as declared under FEMA then such companies will not be treated as foreign source. This is in line with the proposal already floated by FCRA Dept and earlier discussed on SRRF Dialogue (visit link http://blog.srr-foundation.org/?p=2786)

It may be of interest that the change is being made effective from the beginning of FCRA 2010. Thus in case anyone has received funds from such companies, need not apply for condonation, considering changes in the Act. Further in future, now such funds will be treated as local and would not fall under FCRA.

It may be of interest to note that considering BJP/Congress have been indicted vide a HC Order on the issue of receipt of donation from Sterlite a subsidiary of Vedanta, discussed earlier on the above link. This amendment with retrospective effect could be to bailout the two political parties by excluding such companies from the very definition of foreign source. It may be noted that currently a Special Leave Petition is pending in the Supreme Court against the HC order.
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
e-mail: socio-research@sma.net.in

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Sale of FCRA assets

Dear dialogue-members,

We have a four wheeler vehicle purchased in a project under FCRA 5 years back.
Now the vehicle condition is not good, hence we want to sale it. Further we want to purchase a new vehicle putting the earned money from sale, as a seed money/Down Payment to get a loan from Bank for the purpose. Can we do so? Then what is the process we have to follow?

Expecting response.


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FCRA Online Renewal Process announced : Last date 15-3-2016

FCRA Dept has finally announced the Renewal Process for FCRA registration. Renewal process as expected would be undertaken online. Thus all persons who have already applied or even those who have not applied would need to apply online through FC3. Last Date of application is 15th March 2016.

Fee for Renewal of Rs 500/- would need to be paid online through FCRA Payment Gateway. For persons who have already sent their DD/cheques are likely to receive these back, unless your name is appearing in the list given by FCRA authorities. For facilitating our SRRF Dialogue members, we have downloaded the list and is available on following link.

For getting further details of FCRA renewal process, please wait for further announcements on this forum.
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
e-mail: socio-research@sma.net.in

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FCRA for Foundations

Dear Dialogue Group members,

The companies Act 2013 makes it mandatory to spend 2% of PBT for certain category of companies on CSR. Most of the companies are establishing Foundations under registration of Trust. Some of the companies incorporated under the companies act 1956 are operating with 100% foreign investments. Please clarify whether the Foundations of their own or NGOs who receive grants from such companies need to have FCRA or not.

R S Sharat

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Filing of FCRA ‘Nil’ Return

Dear Dialogue Members,

We have grant FCRA registration on 10.03.2015 and during the FY 2014-15 not received any foreign contribution, in this regards our quotation is “NIL” return (FC4) file for FY 2014-15, it is mandatory or not.

if it is mandatory but in the online FC4 without all documents attachment (Audited Statement,CA Certificate,Bank Statement which is not available for NIL Foreign contribution) not completed and not accepted.

Please suggest

Thanks with Regards
Sunil K Suryavanshi

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FCRA Fund for ‘for Profit’ Company – Implications

Dear Members,

I received a foreign fund. I have to educate people for disaster management and also have to develop an equipment which could monitor the disastrous activity while disaster happens. developing the equipment is almost 80% of the total project cost. The equipment has to be researched and then developed and operated and monitored by the scientific company registered as “for profit”.

What kind of procedure/agreement/consultation/bills/mode should I adhere to undertake while dealing with this scientific company.

Please Help….

Amit Singh
Ganga Sansthan
32, Ameer Nagar,
Near Aishbagh Railway Station

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