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Income arising from Foreign Contribution

Dear Sir, We are running a clinic and for this we have purchased equipment out of FC grant. Day to day running cost of clinic i.e., Rent, elect charges, water charges, payment to sweeper and salary payment to staff is … Continue reading

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Fund Account Treatment – Clarification

HI, I am working in an Indian NGO and we are getting grants from our USA based funding agency. As a general practice we are booking expenses in our books of accounts. However under certain case for ex. salary of some … Continue reading

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Some recent case laws on Charitable institutions…

Deemed provision under S.12AA is not automatic and would need to be followed with a writ Recently Allahabad High Court (Full Bench) has ruled that non-disposal of an application for registration before the expiry of six months as provided u/s … Continue reading

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FCRA fund for seminar.

Can i received FCRA fund from individual foreigner for training/seminar fees and deposit in FC Bank account Regards Manish Indore

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Road Accidents and Capital punishment

Dear Friends, Our Intellectuals are a strange lot. They never made enough noise, if any / at all, about thousands of deaths of pedestrians and others every year. They are worried about the rarest of rare capital punishments. Capital punishment in … Continue reading

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