Unregulated growth of markets add to woes of pedestrians

SRRF Dialogue has been consistently highlighting the issue of pedestrian safety. In a recent article in Hindustan times, the issue of pedestrian safety has been raised.  It has been quoted that pavements & roads in Amar Market in Delhi has been encroached by the shopkeepers.

The Pedestrians suffer a lot as most of the shop keepers have occupied the footpaths and park their vehicles on the road side. The market has about 400 shops. The area is highly congested and there is no space for the pedestrian. In spite of repeated complaints by the residents, no action has taken by the authorities. The warning notices by Police have hardly made any difference to the shopkeeper in absence of firm action by the police. As a result, accident rates have increased and according to the traffic police, 13 hit and run cases in the area have been recorded in the last one month. Earlier, the markets had footpaths having yellow line for the disabled, but these are no longer visible as the shopkeepers have extended their shops. Further, autos and other vehicles remain parked on the road, which adds up to the congestion problem.

Description of Amar Market is in all probability a portrait of almost all markets in the city. In order to get rid of encroachment problem, the civic authorities need to take some stern actions. But this would be possible when both the authorities and the shopkeepers cooperate to bring about the change.

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One Response to Unregulated growth of markets add to woes of pedestrians

  1. Harish Bhutani says:

    What is stated in the article is not a unique case but is rampant accross the city. There seems to be no will on intent to resolve this issue by the people responsible for adminstration. This is obvious from the fact that the encroachments, situation as it is can be seen by just going to the respective market areas. The people responsible to curtail this rampant enclorachment, either stay in those areas and or pass through those areas but give it a blind eye

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