Pedestrian Safety & PIL

Dear Friends,

We must agitate first against  total lack of safety for pedestrians on our roads across the Country.

Absolutely no concern for common man’s life. It is time for a PIL in favor of traffic signals for pedestrian crossings, some are agitating against honking which would only increase accidents!


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  1. Pradeepta Nayak says:

    I really feel sad about our country when I go abroad, especially the western countries. What I observe on their roads creates a deep respect for those countries, because I see that those who are on the wheels have a great respect for the pedestrians. They wait, slow down and stop on the way to allow the walkers to go.

    Even if a walkers violates a traffic rule, he has a greater chance to escape an accident. But in India, even if you are right on the road, still there is a greater risk of being hit and run over and run.

    These westners, I observed, are efficient , punctual and still have all the time to smilingly wait for the pedestrian, but we are always in a hurry. Because we always want to reach at the last moment, while they want to reach before time.

    So many things to learn from……


    Pradeepta Nayak

  2. Subhash Mittal says:

    Dear Uday,

    Thankyou for your interest in the subject. At SRRF, this has been one of the areas of our concern for long. That is why SRRF has filed RTI applications in Delhi with MCD, DDA & PWD enquiring on policy issues. relating to pedestrian safety. It has made several presentations to different groups on Pedestrian Safety. Last year it also organized a Consultation with various stakeholders on Pedestrian Safety.

    As you have raised a valid question, let me share here the problems that have been afflicted on hapless pedestrians.

    – India has only 1% vehicle population but 6% of total deaths in road accidents.
    – In 2009, based on WHO survey more than 2.2 lakh people died in India due to road accidents. As per Delhi police data more than 50% deaths are of pedestrians.
    – In India more than 1.2 million people annually are injured in road accidents, of which more than 300,000 are disabled permanently.

    As per an RTI filed by SRRF, there is no policy worth the name on pedestrian safety, while various civic agencies design the roads. Further even whatever little policy there is, there is no institutional mechanism to ensure if it is being followed.

    Thus what you and several others say that perhaps a PIL is most appropriate in this regard. SRRF in last few years has tried to work with various agencies to improve the safety for pedestrians, however there has been only little progress. As you will agree that filing of PIL is expensive but also a time-consuming initiative. However taking your suggestion forward, it is quite likely that SRRF Board will discuss the issue in its next meeting.

    In the meantime SRRF is likely to take another initiative in regard to pedestrian safety, we will certainly share it at SRRF Dialogue.Thank you for your interest in the matter and suggestion.

    let all of us continue to debate and highlight the issue.

    subhash mittal

    • sanjiv arora says:

      Dear Subhash,

      Its a great initiative taken up by yourself.

      I complete agree and support the need for proper consideration of Pedestrians while planning roads and infrastructure.

      In India, considering that majority of people have to walk or cycle to work, markets etc…there is complete lack of consideration that these people EXIST.

      Why ONLY them, there are incidents when I/we/my family have to cross roads because we had or have to park our vehicles on the other side of the road.

      Quite literally we have to risk our lives in our hand (Jaan Hathely par lekar) when running /walk across the roads. Not to mention the difficulty faced by school kids and the elderly.

      The biggest problem is that these agencies are building HIGHWAYS and FLYOVERS inside our colonies to aid the fast moving cars/vehicles only.

      Flyovers are being build across cities all over India, without any concern for pedestrians or general public.

      This is not so in any other country in the world.

      First INDIA should start valuing and respect the RIGHTS and LIFE Of its citizens.

    • Arif Waqif says:

      Fatalities and physical injuries to pedestrians apart, what about the rise in blood pressure and anxiety due to the dodging game while crossing or walking on the streets. I often fold my hands in a Namaste while crossing a street even on zebra crossings, and some drivers oblige with squeaking brakes.

      Prof Arif Waqif

    • Pankaj Agarwal says:

      May i suggest u to engage wd mr kkkapika president intl road federation.

      I can fix up mtg wd them

      Pankaj Agarwal

  3. Uday Chaturvedi says:

    Dear Friends,
    It should be possible for srrf to file a PIL for pedestrian safety in the SC. I am willing to contribute towards the expenditure. SC can give a directive to GOI and States for time bound action and compliance report before a set date.
    Delhi based not-for-profit- legal fora can be approached, if required. SC has to provide legalaid under PIL provisions. May I request srrf to respond.

    with best wishes and regards,


  4. Colombowala Zulkef - Mumbai says:

    Pedestrian safety on Road is really needed. Foot Path should be made hawker and beggar free. In small lane it is necessary to have raised stone boundary for pedestrian walking. Any one could advise, whether to file PIL at local body level or state level?


    There are no footpaths ( side walks) to walk on. Wherever they exist they are : broken and uneven; or cars are parked ;or watchman shelters are standing; or there are hawkers. People are forced to walk on the road. This is so in all our metro cities. But crores of rupees are spent on footpaths!!!

  6. Colrama says:

    I agree .
    How do u want to go about it. ?


  7. Harish Chotani says:

    Dear Friends,

    Unfortunately, we are not being trained nor we are conscious of the sound pollution that we live in and contribute to. Therefore, there is a significant disconnect with self and the outer world. Lets us create awareness to:

    1. Sounds around us
    2. Outer sound pollution that affects our behavior and psychic leading to stress
    3. We are depriving self by not listening to inner sounds and vibrations which are essential to raising awareness. So, pay attention to outer sound pollution in order to listen to or observe the inner sounds/viberations.

    Time is now and wake up.

    Harish Chotani

  8. Prof Arif Waqif says:

    There is an immediate need to generate a National Petition supported by citizens for urgently improving safety for hapless and helpless pedestrians on the streets, and communicating it to the concerned authorities. PIL?

    Prof Arif Waqif

  9. Pramod Bhasin says:

    We should have traffic lights and enforcement of traffic rules but reducing honking does not increase the chance of accidents! All countries with the best accident records also have minimum honking!

    Pramod Bhasin

  10. Narendera K Gupta says:

    i am with u on it.

    Narendera K Gupta

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