Cancer Widespread in Punjab

A number of indicators both anecdotal and otherwise have suspected that Punjab has widespread cancer.

However in a first of its type of survey covering 26.5 million persons (almost the entire state population of the State) has confirmed this perception. Results of this survey have identified almost 24000 persons affected by cancer in a survey conducted. In addition to this, over 33000 deaths have occurred in Punjab due to cancer (18 persons dying on a daily basis for last five years). Further there are almost 85000 cases where persons have been identified with cancer like symptoms but the disease is yet to be confirmed.

A survey was earlier done in 2009,which identified 7738 cases affected by cancer compared to 23,874 in 2012. This increase is not necessarily an increase in three year period, but more due to more extensive survey undertaken in 2012.

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6 Responses to Cancer Widespread in Punjab

  1. K.J.Sebhastian says:

    Its really shocking. Again, we will be working on the surface to counter the problem. Though there are a number of reasons for this problem, no one can deny the role of fertilizers, pesticides used in agriculture. A holistic approach is needed, if we are really serious about this issue and make a meaningful solution.

  2. Subhash Mittal says:

    Worldwide latest data on cancer shows that in 2012 there were 14.1 million people were diagonsed with cancer. A sharp jump from 12.7 million as diagoned in 2008. Deaths due to cancer also have risen from 7.6 million in 2008 to 8.2 million.

    As per a report of International Agency for Research on Caner (IARC) while incidence of cancer among industrialised nations is said to be still high compared to the developing nations, however more and more western type of lifestyle is increasing the incidence of cancer in these countries. Problem is that inequalities in these countries in early detection and treatment causes delay in treatment of cancer which is causing increase in deaths.

  3. C Udayashankar says:

    To a considerable extent cancer is preventable. How? Children of cancer patients should avoid begetting children. They can adopt children from cancer free families, if only people are honest in revealing information. State / National directory can be initiated and made available. Marriage bureaus can maintain a special folder related to this point. Is that not what is meant by the traditional saying ” before finalizing an alliance, look at 7 generations both sides”? Gene matching but not kundalini / Rasi chakra matching should be the approach. After all Brahma likhitham means not fate but genetic signature which can be deciphered, if only people are honestly open. People should not hide behind privacy laws.
    Another preventive measure is avoiding chemicals in Agriculture and livestock rearing, including fisheries.
    States like Punjab, Hariyana, AP, Gujarath, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka seem to compete with each pother in using agro-chemicals and pesticides/insecticides/herbicides. As if all that is not enough, we are adding GM crops to our food basket.

    • Joe D'Souza says:

      This is very interesting, Sir. I think that most of us are not only ignorant but prefer to go along what is ‘fashionable’. of course, in these days of ‘mod’ living, people seem to relinquish good traditions for ‘fashion’ or rather fads. It is indeed more difficult when people are secretive and are not transparent enough – why? There is too much of the ‘what will society think’ kind of behavior.
      Thanks for the very revealing educative inputs which needs to be disseminated.

  4. V S Gurumani says:

    Comparative data for other states will help us form a better picture of what may be unique to Punjab that causes this–we also need to know if the situation, for example, in Rajasthan or Haryana, is much worse? What about the South Indian states? What is the breakup of these cancers? For example, it is believed that oral cancer is more prevalent in AP than elsewhere. As a general comment, it has been found that a life of excess pre-disposes one to cancer. From what one hears about the Punjab, this may be a contributing factor to this situation.

  5. The widespread cancer cases in Punjab is directly linked with the excessive use of Chemical fertilizers, Insecticides and pesticides without any scientific base for using them. Is also linked with the Green Revolution of which Punjab is told to be great receiver. The aftermath effects of Green Revolution is well seen in the number of cancer and other linked cases of patients in Punjab.

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