9th ASER Report highlights

Recently 9th Annual Survey Education Report report conducted by Pratham has been released. It has several important and interesting findings. SRRF Dialogue would undertake a series of releases on the important findings of the report.

First the good news:

  • Over 96% children have been enrolled in schools in the age group of 6-14. This result is consistent for last several year reports, indicating a major achievement under RTE of getting the Children to schools.
  • Infrastructure in schools has improved significantly over the years.

– 87% provide mid-day meal
– 76.3% schools have office-cum-store
– 73% have drinking water
– 62% offer a playground
– 62% have a useable toilet (from 47% in 2010)
– 53% provide girl students a separate useable and unlocked toilet (from 33% in 2010)
– 56% are protected by a boundary wall

  • On the quality aspect, while there are plenty of bad news, again first the good news. Pupil Teacher Ratio (30:1) has improved from 38.9% schools meeting this norm in 2010 to 45% in 2013.

Bad news is that there is decline in almost all learning standards from reading to simple arithmetic.

  • Only 47% children of V standard could read books of II standard. This has consistently declined from 53% in 2009. In Govt schools only 41% could read (a decline from over 50% in 2009).
  • Only 19% students of class III could subtract (from 36.5% in 2009). In private schools this test could be done by almost 50% student though there too some decline has taken place but it less steep. (from 44.6% in 2009).
  • In govt schools only 21% could divide (from 36% in 2009). While combined private and Govt schools around 26% could divide (from 38% in 2009).
Tomorrow how states have performed on these important parameters.

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2 Responses to 9th ASER Report highlights

  1. R.S.Gaikwad says:


    Received your above E-mail and thanks for it. Moreover, congratulations for improvements achieved due to your constant pursuance efforts.

    Thanking You.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Bhama Consultancy Services, Pune

  2. Dr. O.P. Kulhari says:

    Dear SRRF team

    Thank you very much for sharing key findings of 9th Annual ASER report regarding status of elementary education in the country. In spite of several efforts of the government under SSA, the both access and infrastructure of schools improved significantly across the country, declining situation of quality education in schools since 2009 worries us too much. Much serious efforts are required to address this issue by both government and civil society organizations by enabling learning environment in schools through child-centric planning by teachers and extending continuous academic support to teachers in schools so that they can become accountable towards community and create child-friendly schools.

    Dr. O.P. Kulhari
    CULP (Centre for Unfolding Learning Potentials)
    602 (O), Vishwamitra Marg,
    Hanuman Nagar Extn. Sirsi Road,
    Khatipura, Jaipur

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