NREGS – Yet another colossal wastage?

Is the NREGS, GoI’s major flagship programme, likely to result in another colossal wastage? Data available with the Govt, indicates that total number of works undertaken under the scheme number to 6.8 million (m) as on date. However out of this not even 50% of the works have been completed till date. During the current year only 0.32 m works (4.6%) of the works undertaken have been completed till December. Even cumulatively more than 50% of the works undertaken are lying unfinished.

Considering most of the works are in the nature of small works, not requiring any skilled manpower, it has stirred the Govt. into action. The Govt. has issued directives to the state govts. to ensure that time-frame for completion is set out at the time of sanction. Govt. has also asked to set-up a local monitoring and vigilance committee. GoI has spent Rs.75,000 crores over last 5 years on the scheme. Is the Govt. heading towards a colossal wastage like most of its well-intentioned schemes?


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2 Responses to NREGS – Yet another colossal wastage?

  1. Joe Lafuente says:

    You are a very smart individual!

  2. UdayaShankar says:

    Dear Friends,

    The impact of the NREGS works completed needs to be looked at. Lack of technical inputs in designing and planning including proper work estimates is one factor contributing to ineffectiveness. Audit reports should take such factors into consideration in the Audit reports. All the time only lack of financial accountability and consequent recovery seem to be given importance.

    Udaya Shankar

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