FCRA Dept is sending notice to almost 10,000 organisations for failing to file FCRA returns

FCRA Dept is in the process of sending notices to as many as 10,000 organisations all over India who have not filed their annual returns during any financial year during FY 2009-10, 2010-11 & 2011-12. It is asking organisations who have filed returns for these years to write to the Dept with evidences that returns have been filed.

Good thing is that learning from its past experience the Dept has not enmass cancelled all these registrations, but is in the process of sending individual notices.

It is sending notices to organisations individually. But the catch is that it is sending the notice at the address last available with it. It is possible that addresses at Dept. may not have correct addresses or even end up sending it to wrong addresses, however Dept is likely to assume that the organisation does not exist and may go ahead with cancelling the registration.

Hence we suggest that all NGOs please check, in case name of your organisation exists on this list and if so, please immediately write to the Dept. with all evidences that you may have regarding filing of your returns for the three years mentioned above.

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
e-mail: socio-research@sma.net.in; website: http://www.srr-foundation.org

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3 Responses to FCRA Dept is sending notice to almost 10,000 organisations for failing to file FCRA returns

  1. Vimala Rees says:

    You are much appreciated for keeping us up on rules and laws.

    Thank you.

    Vimala Rees

  2. Bharat Gupta says:

    Dear members,

    The detailed list of 10331 NGOs can also be seen on the following link at the MHA site:


    Just another preliminary comment from my side.. (More for academic purposes..)

    In my opinion and as per a small sample study of this list, it seems that at least half of these NGO’s, or more than 5000 NGOs, could possibly be the ones that appeared also in the earlier 2005 list (8673 NGOs, that had been similarly put under prior permission due to non-submission of FC-3 for 2001-04 Fin. years..)
    Anyway, that still leaves at least the remaining at least 5000 odd NGOs that may need to respond/act immediately! That is still a very huge number. Many big names also appear in the list! I will hopefully do another sample study on these NGOs and will try to share some comments later! Meanwhile, as also pointed out by Subhashji, we all can try to contact at least the ones we know and help them out…

    Looking forward,


    Bharat Gupta

    • Bharat Gupta says:

      Dear members,

      Reg. my earlier mail of 4.10.14, I would like to clarify that the 10331 NGO’s, as per the current list, have not been put under prior permission. A notice has been/is being issued to them.
      Only the earlier 8673 NGOs as in the 2005 list had been put under prior permission category.

      My mail is not very clear in this regard and could possibly mislead some of you.


      Bharat Gupta

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