Help line for filing of FCRA online return

मान्यवर ,

सानुरोध पूरक कहना है की दलित विकास अभियान समिति , बिहार मे वंचित वर्गो के बीच सेवारत है | Socio Research & Reform Foundation हमे किस तरह की सहयोग प्रदान कर सकती है ,प्लीज हमे मार्गदर्शित किया जाय ,

साथ ही आपकी वेब देखकर मुझे येसा महसूश हुया की अब हमारी परेसानी दूर हो जागी, हमारी मुख्य परेशानी एफ सी आर ऑनलाइन रिटर्न भरना है जो नहीं हो प रहा है , मई चाहूँगा की आप हमे मदद करे |


धर्मेंद्र कुमार


दलित विकास अभियान समिति

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3 Responses to Help line for filing of FCRA online return

  1. Dear Members,
    Greetings from SRRF!!!

    We thank Mr. Dharmendra for his appreciative words. We are receiving a number of similar requests and therefore have decided to setup a help desk for all the NGOs wanting clarifications and how to go about complying with the process. You can call on the phone 9350184168 between office hours and we will try our best to help you.

    With warm regards

    Ramanuj Maurya
    Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
    512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, New Delhi – 110008
    e-mail:; website:

  2. Sanjay M.Vanani says:

    Dear Dharmendrabhai,

    It is very simple. You just go online and fill the given detail and submit it to the FCRA division in hard copy.

    Prof. Sanjay Vanani
    Sanjay M.Vanani
    {B.R.S, D.L.L & P, MSW (NET), Ph.D(Pursuing)}
    Department of Social Work
    Ganpat University,
    Kherva, Mehsana- 382 711

  3. Surya Prakash Loonker says:

    Tks for launching this much needed service. Pl find a way to make this phone number popular across india so that max ngos can take advantage of this service. U can also make it self sustainable by charging ngos etc Rs. 100 per year for membership to start with. I am sure everyone can pay this small amount.

    Surya Prakash Loonker

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