Latest developments on Lokpal Implementation

Considering a number of demands from SRRF Dialogue members and even beyond a workshop was organized by SRRF to update the members on 7th July. Through SRRF Dialogue we have been bringing all our members upto date with the latest provisions on Lokpal.

During the workshop participants were apprised of provisions but also explained that there was a need to write to the Govt on non-practicability of the provisions as well as requesting for extension of date of 31st July. SRRF is also submitting to Dept of Personnel & Training (nodal Dept) requesting extension of last date for filing of such returns, considering too little time for understanding the law, preparing returns not one but for three years and for entire family. We also request SRRF Dialogue members to send such requests on following address The Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, North Block, New Delhi 11001 (email:

Some of the faculty and several participants also shared their experience that ‘most Govt servants have not filed the returns and seem oblivious to the requirement’. While that cannot be the reason for not filing the return, however it indicated that it is quite likely that the last date for the return filing could be extended. It may also be noted that the Govt has extended the last date 7 times so far. In view of the same, while no one, except the Govt, can guarantee extension, however we all hope that it will be done. In fact several players both within the Sector and even from corporates are making strenuous efforts in this direction, including writ petitions.

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  1. Deadline for filing of Return under Lokpal likely to be extended.

  2. D.Roshan Kumar, Director, SEEDS - Social Educational and Economic Development Society, Guntur, AP says:

    If the receipts are not exceeding Rs.10 lacks from foreign source and Rs.1 crore from Government source during the FY 2015-16, should the NGO need to submit returns under Lokpal. Please clarify.

    • Subhash Mittal says:

      Please note that NGOs are not ‘responsible’ for filing returns under Lokpal Act, it is the ‘Director, Manager, Secretary & Other Officer’ who have to file.

      In case the NGO does not qualify under S.14 (g) (Govt grants being less than Rs 1 crore) or under S. 14(h) (FCRA donations being less than Rs 10 lakh) than its ‘above identified persons’ need not file annual returns.

      • Chitra Mehta says:

        Dear Sir,

        We need your help on following points. You are requested to give your suggestion so that it helps us to follow the Lokpal and Lokayukts Act, 2013 applicable to NGO from 20th June 2016.

        If one person is holding the position of Trustee in more than one entity (falling under the said Act), then should he/she file a separate return for his/her position in each entity or a single return.
        If single return, then how should he/she give the declaration of his/her positions in each entity.

        Do the concerned person need to file this return/declaration for last 3 consecutive F.Y or only for F.Y 2015-16. If former holds true, then please clarify that if an entity attracts the provisions of the act in F.Y 2013-14 and F.Y 2014-15 but not in F.Y 2015-16 then do the concerned gets exemption from filing return/declaration in F.Y 2015-16

        • Subhash Mittal says:

          While the issue is now infructuous as the govt plans to come out with new rules regarding filing of the returns, so we must await for the new rules. However regarding your specific question, I just wanted to clarify that Lokpal is applicable to individuals and not to NGOs per se. Although for eligibility purpose, Lokpal Act identifies individuals on the basis of funds rec’d by NGOs. So an individual should file with the competent authority. S/he can mention the names of all the NGOs in which s/he is a ‘Director/Manager/Secretary/Other officer’.

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