FCRA Renewal : Latest Development

FCRA Dept has been going through a turbulent time as it reviews its internal practices. This is resulting in anxious times for a large number of NGOs whose renewal is still pending, not knowing when and if their FCRA will be renewed.

Now the Dept has finally come out stating that 18,523 such NGOs’ one or more annual returns from FY 2010-11 onwards are not available online, and till the same is not uploaded by them, their FCRA will not be renewed. Fact is that till now, submission of online annual returns were required only from FY 2014-15. However good news is that the Dept has allowed one month time 15th May to 14th June 2017 and that too without any Compounding Fee. Please note this waiver is available only if the returns are uploaded during this window of one month only.

Therefore all those cases whose FCRA is still not renewed, please go through the list available ‎on this link http://www.srr-foundation.org/circulars/fc_list_12052017.pdf. Alternatively you can ‎search it on FCRA website. Search by the registration number, and see which year registration ‎numbers need to be uploaded. This can be done in normal course through your user email id.

If you face any difficulties, please send a mail to fcrenewal-mha@gov.in .

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11 Responses to FCRA Renewal : Latest Development

  1. Has there been any precedent for FCRA certificate being given to an organisation before 3 years of its registration. ? I remember hearing an organisation which got new FCRA in one of the workshops.

    • Subhash Mittal says:

      For last several years, FCRA Dept has been following the policy of considering FCRA registration only after a NGO has incurred a minimum of Rs 10 lakh in last 3 years and has been in existence for at least 3 years. Not aware if any relaxation was done in earlier periods, when FCRA Dept worked in a more casual manner.

  2. S.S.Shiva says:

    If you go to the link given above and reach your FC-4 site using your ID and password, it indicates which are the annual returns you are yet to fill up and if you click that indication, you can file your return

  3. Kumar says:

    Appreciate the efforts of SRRF for keeping the members abreast of latest developments. Very valuable information for all those 18,523 organizations. God Bless you.

  4. Ramanuj says:

    Dear S Bhattacherjee,‎

    The link to file FCRA return 2010-11 onwards of the Organisations seeking FCRA Renewal has been ‎activated. Please login to FCRA online services under FC -4 link and all other process is same as filing of ‎FCRA return. ‎



  5. Anil Menon says:

    We haven’t received the renewed certificate for our records for reference number 083780913 inspite of prompt submission of all records

  6. As per the Circular dated 12 May 17, we would like to upload the backlog/missing FCRA Returns online for FY 2012-13 & 2014-15. But we could not find a link on the FRCA return page – it only gives the 2016-17 option Now. Can you lease guide / advise us as to how we can upload the backlog returns online. Pl indicate which page / link to go after we log into the FCRA Online site.

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