Vendors and hawkers make women feel safe

A recent survey relating to women safety in Delhi conducted by the Women and Child development department has revealed several concerns. The department got in touch with Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Women to find out what makes them feel unsafe in public. The survey findings highlighted – narrow roads, unlit stretches and a far-from-safe public transport system- these are just some of the infrastructural problems Delhi’s women face. For many, they might be encroaching upon public space, but for a section of women in the city, vendors and hawkers make them feel safe in public places.

The department will now be writing to the authorities’ concerned to ensure future projects undertaken by them help in making public spaces safe for women. The department will be taking up the issues with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Council, the transport department, the Delhi Police and the urban planners too.

To ensure the information was collected properly for the survey, the Women and Child development department had formed a group of women collectives, who were given proper training so that they could ask relevant questions from RWAs and women.

Source: Neelam Pandey, Hindustan Times New Delhi, Jan 22, 2012

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