Query- Differentiate between FC3 and FC6?

Dear SRRF Dialogue members,

We have received a new query under FCRA from, Mr. Thiyagarajan D, Hand in Hand India Trust

”What is the difference between FORM FC- 6 and FORM FC-3?’’.

Thanks and regards,
Tanvi Dogra
SRRF Dialogue, Coordinator

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5 Responses to Query- Differentiate between FC3 and FC6?

  1. Thiyagarajan Devarajan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank a lot for cute and clarity reply

  2. Wg Cdr SS Roychoudhury says:

    I think FC6 has replaced FC 3.

    Rtn.Wg.Cdr.(Retd.)SS Roychoudhury,FIE
    Chief Executive Officer.
    Hemophilia Federation(India)
    A-128,Mohammadpur(Behind Bhikaji Cama Place.)
    New Delhi-110066

  3. Sriraman says:

    Dear Thiagarajan

    FC-3 was the prescribed format for filing of the FCRA returns, until the new FCRA Act came into effect on the 1-May-2011. The FCRA return for the previous financial year (2010-11), which the FCRA registered NGOs and NGOs receiving grants with prior permission were supposed to file by 31-Dec-11, was required to be filed using FC-3, as per the old Act, which was in operation during FY 2010-11. As per FCRA 2010 and the rules thereof, the prescribed form for filing of the returns is FC-6. (This was in fact, an unwarranted confusion created by the law makers, FC-3 has been in use for very many years now and most people associated with the NGOs will know this, even while under the influence of anesthesia!). While SRRF and many other such networks are taking forward the amended FCRA to the NGOs, I am sure there will be many more NGOs at the grassroot level, which are still not informed of this. Perhaps, there will be confusion and chaos, while filing returns for the current year.

    Hope this clarifies!

    Best regards

    P.K. Sriraman

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