Tobacco kills- An Indian Perspective

There are estimated 275 million tobacco users in India, about 120 million of them are smokers (accounting for 10% of the world’s smoking population) and 163 million use smokeless tobacco. It is estimated that 2,500 Indians die every day and 1 million Indians die every year from tobacco-related diseases. If current trends continue tobacco will account for 13% of all deaths in India by 2020.

Another survey of 12000 school-going children between the age of 13-15 undertaken by Tobacco Intervention Initiative (an initiative of Indian Dental Association) revealed that more than one out of 5 children use tobacco in one form or other, 14.6 % use the smokeless variety and 8.3 % smoke it. 2 out of 10 boys and 1 in 10 girls use tobacco. More than 50 % of city youth in the age group of 15- 22 years are tobacco users. 60 % of tobacco users are students. It was found that 98 % of tobacco users are from nuclear families. Reason being curiosity and peer pressure are responsible for getting them hooked to tobacco. Almost 40 % of the youth get back into the habit of smoking after unsuccessful cessation attempts.

Perhaps there is a need for various NGOs to consider getting involved in this very important activity. Bloomberg Philanthropy has initiated a US$ 375 million initiative to curbing tobacco epidemic in low and middle income countries.

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2 Responses to Tobacco kills- An Indian Perspective

  1. Akshay Vasisht says:

    Sir ,

    Here are few startling facts for all which relate to Indian Perspective :

    -India 2nd largest consumer of Tobacco in the world .
    -35% adults use Tobacco :smokeless 21% ,only smoke 9% , Both 5% .
    -Tobacco use high ( 18% ) amongst 5-24 years ( males 48% , females 20% ) .
    – 2 in 5 adults in rural and 1 in 4 adults in urban areas use tobacco in some form .
    -1/4th Females start Tobacco use before15 years .
    – Prevalence of smoking among Males 24% and females 3% . Highest 67% in Mizoram and Lowest 9% in Goa .
    -3 IN 5 ( 60 % ) daily Tobacco users use Tobacco within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning .
    -Daily Cigarette smokers spend approx. Rs. 400 / month and Bidi smokers around Rs. 95 / month
    -9000 crore Cigarettes smoked in a year , costing 18000 crores .
    -Rs. 27761 Crores spent on treating TOBACCO RELATED DISEASES .

    I hope all of you will be surprised on reading these facts . Rest in my next mail .

  2. Satyadeo Bareth says:

    Dear Friends,
    More information on NGOs working in this field will be relevant for those who wish to work in this area of grave concern. Further, funding possibilities and details are also needed to facilitate.

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